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UKUUG Winter Conference

Thursday 26th February 2004

The UKUUG Winter conference in Bournemouth was a very successful event: a good turnout and some interesting talks. The theme was high availability and there were interesting talks about heartbeat and DRBD in particular, as well as the high availability tutorial on Wednesday morning. The tutorial was slightly disappointing to many delegates in that they were hoping for a slightly more practically inclined session. Lars Marowsky-Brée of SUSE gave a good introduction to High Availability using heartbeat, but Alan Robertson's contribution, though well presented and delivered, was mostly about internals: I would have preferred to hear more about how to set up a high availability cluster in practice.

A highlight for me at least was the talk by Matthew Bloch of Bytemark on using User Mode Linux for hosting (courtesy of which you are seeing these pages).

The talk on MailScanner by Julian Field was another highlight.