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Frequently Asked Questions

Have any of these questions actually been frequently asked?

Actually no, now you come to mention it. However, I suppose it's possible that someone might ask some of them one day.

Why "disruptive"?

I was at a bit of a loss to think of a domain name, but the idea of Linux as a disruptive technology came to mind, which also suggested being a bit disruptive in another sense about certain things that I find upsetting.
Interestingly. both and have been registered by PeopleSoft.

Can you sing and whistle?

Yes, but you're probably thinking of someone else.....

How are these pages generated?

The main page is generated from a set of simple text files, each of which contains a title line and a date line distinguished by simple markup characters.
The other pages are just wrappers around fragments of HTML. The generation of the pages is done with python scripts.
A story on the main page looks like this in its raw form:

++ is alive
== 20040227
# comment
I finally got the scripts that generate all this to work the way I
wanted, so is here.