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Bombs in Madrid

Friday 12th March 2004

At least one reader of this page is likely to ask me who I think was "really" responsible for the Madrid bombs. As usual, I've no idea, and I've no particular theory to offer (conspiracy or otherwise), but again as usual, there are two important things to bear in mind. Firstly the stakes are very high. And secondly the important question is "who benefits?".

There will now certainly be a Spanish government which is pro-American for the next few years, and public opinion will be much more likely to support its foreign policy.

This report:
ETA was the immediate suspect but late yesterday Spanish authorities said that police had found a van with detonators and Koranic verses pointing towards the possibility of an al-Qa'ida attack. (Independent 12th March 2004)

is reminiscent of the car with the flying manuals and copies of the Koran which was "found" immediately after September 11th 2001.