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US foreknowledge of September 11 attacks

Saturday 3rd April 2004

The Independent yesterday reported on the FBI translator Sibel Edmonds who has publicly stated that the US administration had detailed foreknowledge of the attacks of September 11th 2001. (Also reprinted here.)

This is the real story, and much more interesting than the Richard Clarke allegations. Clarke says that the administration were negligent: too interested in other matters; didn't give certain reports sufficient priority, so that they didn't reach the right decision makers etc. This is the ground that the Bush team would prefer to fight on - it's a distraction from the indications of the fuller truth which will be much more damaging to them. ("Much more" is a massive understatement.)

See also: this article.

Also of interest in this context is the story of John O'Neill who was the newly appointed head of security at the World Trade Center and died there on September 11th 2001, and had previously been in charge of counter-terrorism for the New York FBI. See for instance and