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Planet SuSE

Monday 17th May 2004

I have to agree with James and disagree with Pete about what's on-topic and off-topic on Planet SuSE.

I write what I write for my own interest and that of other people who read my site. Some of it is SuSE- and Linux-related, and much of it isn't, but James was interested in carrying it on Planet SuSE. I hope some people who read Planet SuSE are also interested in reading my occasional political and personal items, but if they're not, they can quietly ignore them, just as I ignore Michael's summaries of sermons each week. But I read some of Michael's other stuff with great interest.

We shouldn't generally have to think of a Planet SuSE audience when we write stuff: it just happens that our stuff ends up there (this post is an exception).

By the way, IE6 doesn't seem to render the graphic at the top of the page at all (at least the version I have here running under Crossover).