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SLES 9 beta 5

Friday 28th May 2004

Beta 5 of SLES 9 installed very nicely (in VMWare - see below).

A quick look shows some nice additions, particularly some nice YaST modules which aren't in 9.1.

I first tried to install on my old test machine at home - failed because it wants 256M RAM to install at all. So I got an evaluation licence for VMWare and installed in VMWare on my work laptop. Getting the VMWare licence was interesting: I filled in the form with my work email address and nothing came back, apparently because the Exchange server at work is set up to silently drop mails which contain something that looks like a software key: ABCDE-12345-FGHIJ-67890-KLMNO. So I had to register another copy in the name of my nearest and dearest and get her to read me the key over the phone. (For reasons which are too boring to go into, I can't access my personal email from work either).