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Margaret Hassan

Thursday 21st October 2004

Common Dreams reprints Robert Fisk's article.

What Really Happened links to this, quoting the article and then adds the comment below:

Margaret was the enemy of United Nations sanctions on Iraq. She is the symbol of all those who believe that Iraq - a real, free, unoccupied Iraq - has a future; and all we can be told is that she, too, has joined the legion of the unpersons, the "disappeared", the list of those who, because of their language or the colour of their eyes or their nationality, have slipped into Iraq's dark hole. The ultimate disgrace yesterday was to hear British diplomats who supported those deadly sanctions weeping their crocodile tears for "Margaret".

Who benefitted from her kidnapping? Who gained? That is who did it. Sadly, a fear another "Nick Berg" staged beheading, by guys with white skin, gold rings, crappy accents, military bearing, and prop flags to plant the blame on Arabs.

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