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Giuliana Sgrena

Tuesday 8th March 2005

We already knew that the Americans were deliberately trying to kill journalists in Iraq.

At the beginning of the occupation of Iraq, Robert Fisk reported on the targeting and killing of journalists by American troops:

Also early in the war, Kate Adie was told by Pentagon officials that satellite uplinks belonging to non-embedded journalists would be fired on. And more recently CNN's Eason Jordan stated that journalists had been targeted and killed by American troops.

There were also grounds to suspect very strongly that some of the kidnappings in Iraq were not quite what they seemed - particularly in the high-profile cases where the victims were people who were known to be against the war and occupation such as Margaret Hassan and Giuliana Sgrena.

Giuliana Sgrena herself believes that what happened on Friday was a deliberate attempt to kill her. She has also stated that at the time of her release her kidnappers warned her that the Americans wanted to harm her.

Kurt Nimmo has been following the story:

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