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How long have we got?

Thursday 31st March 2005

Reading Heinberg's book on the same day as reading stories such as this one about a possible dollar collapse makes me conclude that it's later than we think.

Heinberg considers that a catastrophic collapse of civilisation is inevitable: the only issue is whether it can be managed to some extent. He focuses on the effects of peak oil: as production of oil fails to keep up with consumption, the price will rise dramatically and war, famine and economic and social collapse will be the result. As far as war is concerned, of course, we're seeing it now.

It's not just about the "oil running out" - as the possibility of a dollar collapse looms, one only has to think of the effects of the crash of 1929 to see what could happen. If you add to that the effect of even a doubling of the oil price, you have a global disaster which could happen in the next year or two.

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