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Bush Speech

Wednesday 29th June 2005

Fortunately Bush's speech was as predicted only a justification of what is going on already, and not (as I had feared) an announcement or justification of immediate further aggression. Clearly things are going badly for the gang of thugs who rule the world from Washington, and this speech was an attempt to improve the PR situation in the light of opinion polls showing falling public support for the war. But this is not a 'normal' political situation: the thugs are not planning to give up the power which they achieved through the coup of September 11th 2001 because of opinion polls or votes in elections for that matter.

Bush reminded his audience more than once of Septmber 11th in his speech, but the power of those events is decaying with time. An understanding of what really happened on that day is also gradually leaking out into a wider public consciousness.

(The recent statement by Morgan Reynolds, a former Bush appointee, that he doubts the official story of the World Trade Center collapses is an example of this process, as is the eye-witness account of William Rodriguez of explosions in the basements. Meanwhile Dr Van Romero continues to refuse to explain why he changed his original view that the WTC collapses were controlled demolitions. See also:

As time passes it therefore becomes more likely that another false flag terrorist operation will be carried out by the Washington thugs in order to justify current and future wars. The revolting propaganda being carried out by Jerome Corsi (author of "Atomic Iran", and responsible for TV commercials alleging an imminent atomic terrorist attack by Iran against a US city) and Congressman Curt Weldon (author of "Countdown to Terror"), should be seen in this light, possibly as preparation for such an event, which by its nature would have to be similar in scale and impact to 9/11.

Michel Chossudovsky has published an annotated version of the Bush speech.

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