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London bombs (5)

Monday 11th July 2005

I had at least a slight suspicion that the sound files of the Radio 5 interview with Peter Power of Visor Consultants could have been a hoax, but this clearly shows that it wasn't. This is from the CBC news web site for last night. (This is not a permanent URL).

SUNDAY, JULY 10, 2005


When there is an emergency like the London bombings, the public instinctively turns to professionals for help. We speak to two experts who are in Toronto today for the World Conference on Disaster Management. Adrian Gordon is the Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness, and Peter Power is Managing Director of a London-based consulting firm that specializes in crisis management, Visor Consultants - which on the morning of July 7 was co-incidentally running a security exercise for a private firm, simulating multiple bomb explosions in the London Underground, at the same stations that were subsequently attacked in real life.

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