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London bombs (6)

Tuesday 12th July 2005

If Peter Power's exercise was really a simulation of bombs going off at exactly (and only) the same stations at exactly the same times, then it is too much of a coincidence, and warrants investigation. Which is one reason that there should be a public enquiry into the bombings.

But it now seems that in his CBC interview (I haven't seen it) he admitted that the scenario being played out in the exercise was not exactly the same as what happened. Probably only the people who were in the room with him will ever know, but another possible interpretation is outlined here:

If this exercise was really only a session in a boardroom with some executives of a City financial company playing "what-if", and if Power during his Radio 5 interview was tempted to hype the situation by making a claim that went beyond the facts in order to dramatise his own importance, then WagNews may be right, and there isn't a story.

I'm still interested on the question of whether the closure of the Northern Line on Thursday morning was genuinely caused by a train with a broken axle at Balham.

Anyway, it's time for me to get back to some "real work" ...