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London bombs (10)

Wednesday 13th July 2005

My correspondence with TFL:


Subject: Thursday disruptions before the bombings

On Thurdsay last, the southern part of the Northern line was out of action in the morning well before the bombings.

I understand that there were some problems on other lines as well.

Is there a resource anywhere which details these events and the reasons for each?

I am in the process of writing an article which would examine the question of how many people were (like me) taking unusual routes to work at the time that the network was closed down.

A very prompt reply from TFL:

Subject: LU statement on disruption - 7 July

A spokesperson for London Underground said:

"On the morning of 7 July, there were three main issues on the network all relating to defective trains. This caused severe delays on the Bakerloo, Northern and Piccadilly lines. This was a normal operational day and not in any way connected to the incident's which occurred later.

"Trains were running on all six Underground through King's Cross St. Pancras at the time the three explosions took place." ends

My follow-up question:

Thank you very much for this prompt response.

Is there a resource which gives the times at which each of those defects occurred, and for how long the consequent disruption persisted?