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London bombs (13)

Thursday 14th July 2005

I'm still waiting for a reply to my follow-up mail to the TFL press office.

I'm not very optimistic about this one. In fact I think it's probably already too late for anyone (even with lots of time and resources) to find out the truth about the line closures that occurred before the bombings. That's very unfortunate, because the question of whether we have been lied to about a possible warning is of enormous importance.

But I did get a phone call from the BBC replying to my query about Peter Power's Radio 5 interview. The person who phoned me said that he had no record of the interview, but I was able to help him out:

We do not provide transcripts but if you wish to listen back to the Drive programme on Thursday 7th July at 17.06 where Peter Power from Visor consultants talks to our presenter Peter Allen [...]

(From a reply someone else got which is quoted here:

Meanwhile Kurt Nimmo continues to comment: I particularly liked his piece on the reports that Richard Reid (the "shoe bomber") has been questioned by British officials about the London bombs:
Brits Question Moron in London Attacks.