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London bombs (16)

Friday 15th July 2005

Parallels between the London bombings and September 11th 2001:

  • The incriminating parked cars (the car with explosives at Luton and the car with Arabic flying manuals and Qur'ans at Boston Logan airport).
  • The robust identity documents (clearly in the London case this is less improbable than the famous "magic passport", but the fact that one of the men had another's documents on him is at least odd).
  • Unnecessarily conspicuous behaviour before the events (again, posing in a row with rucksacks in front of security cameras is not quite in the same league as Mohammad Atta's extraordinary antics, but the end result is similar).
  • The "incompetence" theory is now being produced after the event (very lamely in both cases: we're hearing today that there were "serious failures of MI5 intelligence").

Kurt Nimmo has more interesting stuff: