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The collapse of the towers on 9/11

Friday 9th September 2005

No doubt there will be a lot of anniversary discussion of September 11th 2001 in the next few days.

Anyone who still believes "the official story" of what happened on that day should look at these two articles on Garlic and Grass:
The Best Evidence Available on the 9-11 Conspiracy
Taking a Closer Look: Hard Science and the Collapse of the World Trade Center.

The fact that building 7 fell at all is unknown to many: that it fell, and the manner in which it fell, is something that has opened a lot of peoples' eyes to the problems with "the official story".

The speed with which the twin towers fell and the huge amounts of energy which were released during their fall are the subject of the second article. The only explanation that makes sense of both these facts together is that the towers were brought down by a controlled demolition.

Isn't this all conspiracy theory?

All theories about what happened on September 11th 2001 are conspiracy theories, because whatever happened was the result of a conspiracy of some kind. You have to decide which theory you believe. The "official story" is a conspiracy theory which is rendered unbelievable by the physical facts.

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On the fateful day itself, someone who was in the SuSE office with us at Borehamwood said:

"It's just like a bad American disaster movie".


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"Crossing the Rubicon" by Michael C Ruppert
"The New Pearl Harbor" by David Ray Griffin.