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London Bombs (23)

Wednesday 18th January 2006

It's quite extraordinary that Shehzad Tanweer left £121,000.

A suicide bomber who killed eight people at Aldgate Tube station on July 7 left £121,000.

The origins of Shehzad Tanweer's riches are unknown as the 22-year-old terrorist worked part time at his family's chip shop in Beeston, Leeds.,,22989-1972662,00.html.

Interestingly it is also being reported that the bombings were not expensive to carry out:

Of course you can interpret the unexpected wealth in widely differing ways: it could have been "paid by a terror mastermind to carry out the attacks" (whoever that was). Or he might have been involved in drug smuggling. Or he could have been paid a large amount to take part in something which he didn't know would kill him.

Whatever view you take of the events of 7th July, this story will tend to confirm your view. The interesting question is whether the authorities will ever provide an answer to the question of where the money came from. Or will it remain hidden like most of the other evidence in a case the government refuses to hold an inquiry into?