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Peak Oil in the Independent

Friday 20th January 2006

Today's Independent has a long article about Peak Oil (in the form of a pull-out supplement in the print edition).

It also has Robert Fisk writing about the latest bin Laden message under the headline "Osama bin Laden: Is it him? Almost certainly". I wonder.

From today's BBC news article on the subject:

Americans hardly need a tape of Osama Bin Laden to remind them they are threatened by extremists, as the War on Terror has overshadowed their lives since 9/11.

But the al-Qaeda leader's first message for more than a year will be a chilling and visceral reminder that he remains at large, waiting to strike again.

It may raise awkward questions about why the world's most advanced military and intelligence services are unable to capture Bin Laden, believed to be hiding in a rugged area along Afghanistan's border with Pakistan.

Yet the most immediate political effect will probably be a boost in support for President George W Bush. The commander-in-chief has been under intense pressure in recent weeks, accused of trampling on civil liberties in pursuit of terror suspects.

His defence has been that America is a nation at war.

Although the total number of people in the world who know for certain is very few, I suspect that those who say that bin Laden is dead may be right. But more importantly we know for sure that at least one of the famous messages from him is a fake.

Now is a time when the "thugs in suits" want to turn up the temperature to get us all ready for their next war.

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