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Monday 6th February 2006

Xymphora and others have links to a translation of an admiring article which Flemming Rose (the Danish journalist in the cartoons case) wrote about Daniel Pipes, the American neo-conservative who has implied that he thinks Muslims should be interned (commenting favourably on the internment of people of Japanese origin in the United States during the Second World War, and drawing the obvious parallel, but later denying that he had actually advocated such internment).

The article appears to be the one which Pipes has reprinted on his Danish language site:

Pipes is also one of the people behind Campus Watch which is attempting a latter-day McCarthy-type witch-hunt in universities.

Given this connection, it's fairly clear that Flemming Rose knew exactly what he was doing, and what his motivations were.

Speaking of internment, it has been widely reported that a contract has been awarded to a Halliburton subsidiary to build "temporary detention and processing capabilities" for the US Department of Homeland Security. See for instance:

With another war likely in the near future, quite possibly precipitated by another false-flag "terrorist" event in the US, we are living in terrifying times.