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Hellenic College: Father Mark's letter to parents (3)

Thursday 15th June 2006

I have received the following letter from Father Mark.

I am greatly saddened to see that the higher echelons of Hellenic College are so terrified at seeing the truth about their institution discussed in cyber-space, that they have threatened legal action to force the removal of FACTS from the public domain. If the matter were to be taken to a court of law, there would be a list of witnesses -- staff, trades union representatives and parents -- willing to testify, under oath, and give evidence about the culture of the institution under the leadership of the current head. Such evidence would not enhance the character of Mrs Franciska Bayliss.

Since my letter was originally posted, the principal of Hellenic College had a pupil, falsely accused of assault, arrested on school premises and taken away in a police van in the presence of the school's parents at home time.

How this heavy-handed exercise of discipline fits with the Hellenic College of London's policy of child protection and its duty of care, I cannot and do not understand. However, we should not be shocked by such behaviour, knowing that the Queen's Bench had previously ruled against Mrs Franciska Bayliss' wrongful and illegal expulsion of a pupil from Ibstock Place School. The whole matter, including the irrational and bizarre treatment of the young lady (who committed the crime of stealing an apple) and whose parents resorted to the courts of law, was reported in the London Evening Standard, so we can rest assured that mentioning this fact will not elicit further legal threats. Furthermore, former Hellenic College parents sourced and possess copies of the court documentation pertaining to the case. They made interesting reading for several former HCL teachers. I wonder if the principal's new employers are conversant with such aspects of her employment history.

As you so rightly point out, Hellenic College's simple act of contacting you has been protracted by the use of solicitors at the school's expense. Furthermore, it is a clear example of the nature of the culture of an institution from which I, and so many others teachers, are pleased to have escaped.

God will judge the actions of each of us, and when the principal of Hellenic College stands before Him, she will have to answer for the deeds she has done. My prayer, as an Orthodox monk, is that she will realise and recognise this and somehow make amends.

Spasi Khristos

Mark, unworthy monk of the Kellion of the All-Holy Trinity.