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The destruction of the Hellenic College (4)

Tuesday 27th June 2006

Foreign billionaires in London have proved good sport for Brits devising plans to relieve them of their cash. And here's a cracker -- a group of City financiers plans to open a private school designed specifically to cater for the offspring of the capital's new super-rich. William Russell, a former Merrill Lynch executive, Dimitri Goulandris of Cycladic Capital, and Hugh Warrender of Williams Trading, an American hedge-fund support company, have recently snapped up the Hellenic College in Chelsea.

The plan is to relaunch it as a school for rich little darlings -- local residents include Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich, who has four children. There will be a core national curriculum with European languages plus Russian, Mandarin and Arabic.

So far, the investors have put in £5m and recruited Magoo Giles, head of the local Garden House Boys' School. He is going to have his hands full -- especially with the parents.

From:,,8209-2230494,00.html (Times Buisness section, June 18th).

The school's web site has changed, but is still crap, and there are some older draft versions of various pages still online, such as:
which still has the Knightsbridge Place School name, rather than the new improved "Knightsbridge School".

No doubt the compulsive auto-googler Franciska Bayliss will be reading this tomorrow morning and having the necessary corrections made. (The term "auto-googler" is not defamatory: don't bother ringing Veale Wasborough about it: you've got a school to run ...)