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Airport security

Monday 28th August 2006

On the 11th August, as we arrived at Gatwick, we were given a leaflet outlining the new security arrangements (this was the day after the "day of chaos" when the bomb plot story broke). I've searched for an electronic copy of the leaflet, or even for a quote of its text, and can't find one. So here's a scan (front, back) of my slightly crumpled paper copy.

I'm interested in this, because I'm wondering when the leaflet was designed and printed in such very large numbers (also when the even larger numbers of clear plastic bags were sourced and delivered to airports). I'm not saying it's impossible that it was all done in one day, but I'm afraid I think it's unlikely. I also think that the heading August 2006 gives that impression, rather than what you might expect (something like ``these regulations apply from 11th August until further notice'').

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