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Jorge Hirsch article (2)

Thursday 28th December 2006

Jorge Hirsch has written an article The Meaning of the UNSC Iran Vote about the Security Council's decision on sanctions against Iran, and what may happen next.

He mentions in passing Flynt Leverett's article which was censored by the US Government (because among other things it very explicitly described the government's bad faith and duplicity in its dealings with Iran) and could only be published in redacted form.

He also links to a fuller article by the same author:

There has been some optimism following the mid-term elections in the USA and Rumsfeld's fall: Hirsch clearly thinks that this optimism is probably misplaced.

I'm afraid I agree: there has been a lot of talk lately about ``incompetence'' lately (around the collapse of Iraq into civil war, among other things). I'm not sure I agree with this incompetence theory (or indeed the other ``incompetence theory'' which claims that 9/11 happened because of the incompetence of the intelligence services): maybe the plan always was to produce the conditions for civil war, collapse, and partition, with the Americans holding on to the things that matter (the multi-billion dollar embassy in the "green zone", the oil fields, and not much else).

In other words, maybe their plans for the "new middle east" are pretty much on target.

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