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Fisk on Saddam

Sunday 31st December 2006

The start of Robert Fisk's article in today's Independent:

We've shut him up. The moment Saddam's hooded executioner pulled the lever of the trapdoor in Baghdad yesterday morning, Washington's secrets were safe. The shameless, outrageous, covert military support which the United States -- and Britain -- gave to Saddam for more than a decade remains the one terrible story which our presidents and prime ministers do not want the world to remember. And now Saddam, who knew the full extent of that Western support -- given to him while he was perpetrating some of the worst atrocities since the Second World War -- is dead.

Read the whole article:

Note his quotes from William Waldegrave and Geoffrey Howe.

Dead men don't tell tales. It would have been interesting (but obviously this was never going to happen) if Saddam had been tried on the use of chemical weapons against Iran and the Kurds and had tried to call Rumsfeld and others in his defence.

Fisk doesn't discuss the matter of April Glaspie.