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Sunday 25th February 2007

Seymour Hersh has another article about the situation in the Middle East in the New Yorker.

The Times reports that senior American military commanders are threatening to resign if an attack against Iran goes ahead. This is presumably not about the principle of an attack as such, nor about its expected "effectiveness" as stated in the article.

As has been suggested before, what these top brass are concerned about is the wicked criminal insanity of what is being planned by Washington: an attack by "earth penetrating nuclear weapons". Jorge Hirsch has written at length about the change in the US nuclear weapons use policy which makes this not only possible but frighteningly likely: he has also explained what the Americans seek to gain from this policy. A number of his articles are also available on

The Telegraph reports that Israel has requested permission to overfly Iraq in order to attack Iran: this together with the American build-up suggests that the plan is for an Israeli attack first, followed by American retaliation for anything that Iran does in response to that Israeli attack.