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"The Conspiracy Files: David Kelly"

Sunday 25th February 2007

The David Kelly programme in BBC2's "Conspiracy Files" series was much more sympathetic to the "conspiracy theory" which it was examining than the "Diana" or "9/11" programmes.

This obviously gives rise to a "conspiracy theory" about the series itself: maybe the intention was to run a series of programmes about currently popular "conspiracy theories" and debunk them all except in the case of the David Kelly story.

That would make quite a lot of sense given the history between the BBC and the Government over David Kelly.

As to the David Kelly story itself: one reason that I find the official story unconvincing wasn't mentioned: a person with his scientific knowledge surely wouldn't try to kill himself with a penknife and a dose of painkillers that was not certain to be effective. Wouldn't he know of (and have access to) painless and much more effective chemical means of suicide?