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Friday 16th March 2007

Craig Murray discusses the Khalid Shaikh Mohammed confession:

So do Larisa Alexandrovna and Kurt Nimmo:

Co-operative Research has a long essay by Paul Thompson written after his original "arrest":

Thompson quotes Robert Fisk's article of 3rd March 2003 in which he wrote:

In the theatre of the absurd into which America's hunt for al-Qa'ida so often descends, the "arrest" -- the quotation marks are all too necessary -- of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is nearer the Gilbert and Sullivan end of the repertory.


... the last post known to be held by the former Kuwaiti with a Pakistani passport was media adviser to the marriage of Osama bin Laden's son in Kandahar in January of 2001. Then there was the slow revelation that the man whose supposed arrest was described by Ari Fleischer, the White House spokesman, as "a wonderful blow to inflict on al-Qa'ida" had been handed over to the Pakistani authorities (if indeed he had been handed over) by the ISI, the Pakistani Interservices Intelligence -- for whom Mr Mohammed used to work.

Like the man accused of arranging the murder of the Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, Mr Mohammed was an ISI asset; indeed, anyone who is "handed over" by the ISI these days is almost certainly a former (or present) employee of the Pakistani agency, whose control of Taliban operatives amazed even the Pakistani government during the years before 2001. Mr Pearl, it should be remembered, arranged his fatal assignation in Karachi on a mobile phone from an ISI office.

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