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Rejoice! (3)

Wednesday 27th June 2007

It's difficult to find words for the loathing, disgust and contempt I feel for our last Prime Minister. This revolting wannabe rock-star has repeatedly been described as a genius at communication. The only problem with that is that all he ever communicated was lies and insincerity.

The repulsive spectacle of Blair receiving standing ovations from the US congress was rivalled today by the sight of even the opposition parties standing up in Parliament to applaud this filthy corrupt liar, warmonger and traitor whose primary loyalty is to a country which is not his own.

The idea that a man who helped to start one war in the Middle East and worked his hardest to prolong another should now become a "Middle East Peace Envoy" is obscene and absurd. But under Bush and Blair: War Is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength.

Do I think Brown will be any kind of improvement? Possibly in tiny ways, but this is a man who could have stopped Britain's involvement in the Iraq war and brought down Blair at the same time (and in doing so would have become a national hero), but chose not to do so. I suspect that his long-term ambition combined with his pathological caution and moral weakness to prevent him doing what he knew would have been right.

The tests for Brown now are the war and ID cards, both of which he has been happy to endorse up to now.

No, there's no hope really, but maybe we can just rejoice a little today.

Here are a few nice summings up of Blair:

Unfortunately the last ten years have basically destroyed politics as a living thing in this country: the people know in their bones that they have lost.

The two million people who voted with their feet against the war are disenfranchised: a revolution has taken place of the kind described in the quote from Kierkegaard below.

A passionate, tumultuous age will overthrow everything, pull everything down; but a revolutionary age that is at the same time reflective and passionless leaves everything standing but cunningly empties it of significance.