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London Bombs (35)

Monday 2nd July 2007

ABC News ran a story implying that the US authorities had prior knowledge of the London and Glasgow incidents.

Here is a transcription of the ABC news item which Postman Patel links to here.

This is the YouTube link:

Of course the interesting question is whether that intelligence was shared.

ABC has learned tonight that US authorities may have had intelligence an attack in Glasgow was coming.

Our chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross is breaking that part of the story tonight.

Brian what do we know?

David, US law enforcement officials tell ABC News that 2 weeks ago there was a US intelligence report circulated among law enforcement officials saying there could be an attack at the Glasgow airport involving airport infrastructure or aircraft. As well, the report also said a similar attack could take place at the airport in Prague in the Czech Republic. This report was circulated 2 weeks ago and as a result, according to US officials, Federal Air Marshals were assigned to flights for the first time into and out of both Glasgow and Prague.

As well US officials say what they have here they believe is a sleeper cell which apparently been brought to the surface because of these attacks surfacing apparently in Scotland.

US officials say that they have been able to trace through photo surveillance the origin or point of origin of all 3 cars involved in the attacks over the last 2 days. Officials descried this cell as rather desperate at this point, apparently knowing that they were being tracked and being told to do whatever they can to spread terror.