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Bush and torture

Friday 20th July 2007

According to the BBC, Bush has banned the torture of people suspected of terrorism.

From the report:

However, the White House would not reveal if all controversial interrogation procedures would be barred under the new guidelines.

The US has been criticised by human rights groups over interrogation techniques such as "waterboarding", in which prisoners are strapped to a plank over water and made to fear that they will drown.

Critics have also complained that the CIA has run secret prisons and has flown prisoners to third countries for torture.

The White House declined to say whether the CIA currently had a detention and interrogation programme, but said that if it did, it had to adhere to the guidelines outlined in the executive order so CIA officers were not put in legal jeopardy.

So of course it means nothing, then. Except perhaps that the procedure he is due to undergo tomorrow might have reminded him of the kind of things that those under his command routinely do to those in their power.

But that would be to assume that he has some kind of capacity for empathy.