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Healthy German food

Wednesday 14th November 2007

I'm currently in Duesseldorf for training.

The first night at the hotel I went to the restaurant and had Wiener Schnitzel which was very nice, served with a lot of chips.

The second night I thought I would try something else. This hotel is near Ratingen which is a town outside Duesseldorf. One of the things on the menu was a local speciality called Ratinger Grillpfanne which I suppose means "grill pan from Ratingen". When I ordered it I was asked if I wanted it with pepper sauce or herbal butter. I didn't have much time to think about this, so I said herbal butter.

This is what came to the table: a huge plate, and on top of the plate a frying pan. In the frying pan, huge chunks of turkey, beef and pork, swimming in loads of fat, with fried tomatoes (covered in melted cheese) and lots of onions, fried potatoes and bits of bacon. And on the top two golf-ball-sized lumps of herbal butter (butter crushed with herbs).

And they brought a plate of bread and another plate with some more lumps of herbal butter in case the meal was not fatty enough.

Wonderful stuff, but if I were to stay here too long the risk of heart attack would be serious.