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London Bombs (43)

Monday 24th December 2007

More on Rashid Rauf's "escape".

Hashmat Habib, Rauf's lawyer, said his client was being victimised because the Pakistani authorities had been forced to drop all charges against Rauf over the transatlantic flight plot.

"In my estimate it's an organised disappearance. They don't want to hand him over. He's an innocent man. He was fixed up and the government is now afraid that he would become an embarrassment if sent to the UK because they hyped up his involvement. He was not involved in terrorism", he said.

The official story that his escape was simply the result of incompetence is certainly hard to believe, and is yet another example of the "incompetence defence" being used.


For a good source on the whole story of the "liquid bomb plot" and Rashid Rauf, see: