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Bhutto assassination (2)

Friday 28th December 2007

Larisa Alexandrovna writes:

I am starting to wonder if the actual bombing was not a distraction from the assassination via gun-shot.

This is possibly confirmed both by John Moore's account on the Guardian site and by this anonymous eyewitness quoted by the BBC:

Another eyewitness - also unnamed - was even closer: "We were standing right in front of her. In that instant a young man, fair, about 20 to 21 years of age, he fired a Kalashnikov aiming at BB [Bhutto].

"He was standing beside me, moved a little back, so I thrust my hand out at him and just then there was a blast."

Asked if it was the suicide bomber himself that he'd seen, he replied: "I can't really say. Was it him or someone else, I can't say."