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Power corrupts

Thursday 24th January 2008

Peter Hain has resigned.

Nearly five years ago, I wrote him a letter: he never replied, nor did I get an acknowledgement.

15th February 2003

Dear Mr Hain

Like very many other people, today I joined in the anti-war march in London. And like many of those who took part, taking part in demonstrations is something which in unusual for me. Indeed, this was only the third time I have taken part in a political demonstration. The previous occasion was the last demonstration against war in Iraq last Autumn. The only other occasion was more than 30 years ago when I took part in an anti-apartheid demonstration in which you undoubtedly played a major part. At that time you had a reputation as a man of courage and conscience.

I wonder whether you are now ashamed that power has corrupted you to the extent that you can now support the appalling George Bush and his imperialist plans for the Middle East.

Remember your conscience: repudiate the government's position. Consider the recent words of Glenda Jackson MP: "...It is my government of which I am ashamed."

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