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Sunday 23rd March 2008

My Telewest cable connection is now part of Virgin Media, which is one of the UK ISPs which have signed agreements with Phorm.

If you are in a similar position, you might want to write to your ISP and tell them that you what you think about this.

I wrote:

Please note that if you adopt the Phorm web tracking and personalised advertising system, I shall no longer wish to use your broadband service. Please could you clarify the position on this.

They wrote back:

Thank you for your e-mail dated 18 March 2008 regarding Virgin Media and Phorm.

I understand your concerns and would like to thank you for your feedback, however I must stress that although Virgin Media have signed a provisional agreement with Phorm, we still have a lot of work to do in evaluating various aspects of any possible deployment. As a result, it may be some months before we are in a position to confirm how and when the solution will be implemented.

We will of course be communicating our intentions openly and transparently and will be letting all our customers know before rolling out the Webwise solution and we'll clearly explain how the system works.

Ultimately customers will not be forced to use the system and will be able to keep their Internet experience just as it is now should they wish.

For more information please see the following link:

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