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Liquid bombs

Monday 8th September 2008

Craig Murray comments on the verdicts in the "liquid bombs" case.

... this appears to be another example of a small pathetic group of failed would be terrorists who were never, at any stage, planning to take liquid explosives on to airliners.

That is the fundamental problem with the "War on Terror", It is not that Islamic extremist terrorism does not exist. It does. Frankly given the many, many thousands of civilians we have killed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon, it would be surprising if it did not exist. But it is massively hyped out of all reality by a government determined to use it to justify a massive increase in its powers over the citizenry.


And I still want to know when the leaflets (front), (back) that were being handed out to air passengers on 11th August 2006 were designed and printed.

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And where is Rashid Rauf?

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