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Liquid bombs (3)

Thursday 11th September 2008

Craig Murray comments again:

The propaganda, which reflected uncritically the briefing the Security Services and Home Office have been manically pumping out since the non-existence of the "Bigger than 9/11" jet plot was confirmed, was so stark and so divorced from any connection to the truth, that I am convinced we are already in effect living in a totalitarian state where the government controls the population through fear with brutal efficiency and with absolutely no regard to the truth. The government had contrived to turn a major blow for its "War on Terror" scaremongering into a vehicle to ramp up that scaremongering.


Almost the same thing happened at the end of the "North London ricin plot" trial: watching the BBC television news at the end of the trial was a bizarre experience: the story was told effectively as if the defendants had been found guilty. And the Guardian was forced to pull an article "The ricin ring that never was" by Duncan Campbell.

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