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UKUUG Conference in Manchester

Tuesday 11th November 2008

As usual (but not usually this time of year) I attended the UKUUG Conference in Manchester. On Friday there was a tutorial led by Luke Leighton (mostly about Pyjamas and Django).

Saturday and Sunday was the conference proper, but rather smaller than usual.

John Pinner's spoke on Python for System Administration, Jon Dowland on using ikiwiki as a documentation store, and Steve Goodwin's Home Automation talk was highly entertaining. It was good to see Ruediger again, and his two talks were both interesting and entertaining.

Transitive presented a talk about the future of their product and how it will work with KVM.

The two talks on porting Linux to new hardware architectures were interesting, as was Jake Edge's talk on Security flaws in Web applications. Matthew Garrett spoke on Power Management, and Christoph Hellwig on XFS.

I shall do a full writeup of the event for the Newsletter in due course.