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Liquid Bombs (8)

Tuesday 15th September 2009

Craig Murray also comments on the "liquid bombs" convictions.


The extraordinary thing is that although Rauf was the so-called "mastermind", and although he was already wanted as a suspect in the UK for the alleged (non-political) murder of an uncle, the British authorities were so keen for him not to appear in a witness box that for over a year they failed to put in any request to Pakistan for his extradition to trial in the UK.

Then, still more amazingly, Rauf mysteriously "escaped" from maximum security detention in Pakistan, in circumstances which have yet to be explained. Finally in November last year the US government announced they had killed Rauf in a targeted drone bombing in Pakistan - a non-judicial execution which (if true) is illegal under Pakistani, US, UK and international law.


We will, therefore, never know the truth of the genesis of the infamous so-called liquid bomb plot. Everything indicates that the British government never had any interest in us knowng the truth, made no attempt to secure Rauf's appearance at the trial, and appeared unperturbed, to say the least, by his murder.