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openSUSE Conference day 2

Friday 18th September 2009

Again there were talks in two tracks, together with some "unconference sessions" running alongside.

The talks I attended were as follows:

Meet the openSUSE Board. The five members of the Board were on the stage and introduced themselves and their work. There was a general discussion around the Board's responsibilities and relationship to members and users. In particular communication between the Board and the project was discussed.

Scott Reeves and Takashi Iwai on ALSA and PulseAudio on openSUSE. Takashi described the general state of sound in openSUSE at present and how the different components work together. Scott discussed the current status of PulseAudio, demonstrated some recent improvements and gave some useful tips for debugging problems.

Anas Nashif on Building Moblin the openSUSE Way. Anas discussed the current state of Moblin, and the improvements that have been made since the decision (more than a year ago) to use OBS to build it. He spoke about the greatly improved boot times that have been achieved and hopes for even greater improvements in future. X now runs as a normal user, conman is used instead of Network Manager. The presentation was run from a netbook running Moblin, and we were given a look at the user interface in action.

After lunch I attended a two-hour "unconference" session on the governance of the openSUSE project, which was an open and constructive discussion on some of the problems of running an open source project.

Jan-Simon Moeller on openSUSE and ARM. Thanks to a Google Summer of Code project, much of the work has been done to create an ARM port. Jan-Simon described the challenges involved and how the cross-compile environment was set up.

Stefan Werden on The future of the openSUSE box. Stefan described how he has come to an agreement with Novell to take over the production and distribution of the retail boxed product through his company It will be produced in a "fat DVD case" with a printed installation guide included.

Some photos.