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Sunday 22nd August 2010

I arrived in Provo yesterday, after a long flight to Salt Lake City from Paris.

First impressions of the landscape: it looks and feels a bit like Iran. Temperature hot, dry air, fairly exhausting to walk around in the daytime.

I got a shared shuttle taxi from the airport at Salt Lake City to Provo, which was further than I expected. The driver was an Englishman from Watford, who has lived here 10 years, and seems to like it a lot.

I had a short walk around yesterday and looked at the Novell buildings from the outside. I decided not to eat at Chuck-a-Rama.

Breakfast this morning was a self-service buffet, with scrambled eggs mixed with small cubes of ham, and fried potatoes and something called "sausage gravy" which was a thick mushroom sauce. Good stuff.

Then I went for a walk as far as the old part of the town. Nothing was open on a Sunday morning and there was hardly anyone about.

I took some photos.