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The destruction of the Hellenic College (6)

Saturday 29th July 2006

The litigious compulsive auto-googler Franciska Bayliss sent her final letter to parents on the 6th of July: (scan, text).

In the letter she describes her role at the school next year as a consultant to Knightsbridge School with responsibility for the S11 students. (Either the terminology has changed or this letter was not proof-read: I assume she means either S5 or Year 11.)

This is in contrast to the description on Knightsbridge School's web site (which is still crap) of Ms Bayliss as one of the Key Staff.

Presumably, now that she has done her job of closing down the school and handing it over to Mr Magoo Giles and his friends, she's of little use to them. And I suppose by now they have got to know her well enough to have the measure of her abilities and management style.

In other news, I've heard that an article about the destruction of the College will appear in one of the Athens English-language papers.