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London Bombs (41)

Sunday 16th December 2007

Rashid Rauf, alleged to be a ringleader of the almost certainly bogus "liquid bombs plot" of August 2006, has escaped from custody in Pakistan. See for example:,,2228482,00.html.

The Sunday Times reports that some people have doubts about the exact nature of this escape:

Pakistani analysts cast doubt on the official account of yesterday's events and speculated that Rauf's `escape' might be a prelude to an `encounter killing', when a suspect is shot by police trying to recapture them. Such extrajudicial killings are common in India and Pakistan.

Either way, Rashid Rauf is unlikely be telling his story in court or anywhere else in the near future.

See also:

Nor is it at all likely that we will be hearing from Haroon Rashid Aswat about the (all too real) 7th July 2005 bombs any time soon: he is conveniently out of the way in US custody having been extradited there from the UK, despite having been widely described as the mastermind of those events.

Perhaps that is not surprising given that he was named by the US security expert John Loftus as an MI6 agent (transcript).

See also: the Crevice.pdf